Tuesday, September 6, 2016

the truth about magenta top hats

Okay, if you've been leaving under a rock the past few days, here's what happened
AJHQ basically scammed us.
No, no, im not against ajhq, i just wanted to say what happened

So, before i start, you probably all know about glitched magenta items?
if not, ill explain
Magenta is the testing color at animal jam headquarters. sometimes, they accidentally release a pure magenta item and it ends up only being in stores for abt an hour. Then, it becomes super flipping rare.

anyway, back to the story.
Yesterday was RIM. They released a "Rare custom top hat" in the diamond shop. It was PURE magenta. Everybody rushed to buy like tons of diamonds so they could get this item because they thought it was glitched.
When everyone found out it was supposed to be magenta, because ajhq was just luring us into the diamond shop, they had already spent tons of diamonds, or overtraded by a ton.

Since all these magenta items have been accidentally given to players later (ex. pillowcloud's magenta spike) ajhq thought the top hat would attract a ton of people. It did.
So basically, ajhq got us all to pay real money for diamonds because they made us think that this was glitched.

Also, i saw people getting scammed by this, because really, who reads the daily explorer anymore? but people were saying it was glitched, and people believed them, and traded tons of stuff for this rim.
I, myself, almost traded a blue long for one, but when the person accepted within 2 seconds, i got cold feet and backed out. thank goodness i did.
So guys, this IS NOT GLITCHED. its probably worth less than regular rims because SOOOOO many people bought it. So yeah
(also dont think im ranting on ajhq, because im not. i just wanted to clear things up.)
Bye guys,

Monday, August 29, 2016

Hey guys!!

Its me
i was wondering if after all these years months you still read tis blog

sorry for not posting
i'll give it to you straight, i kind of forgot about this blog. I was reading some of my posts, though, and it brought back nice memories (are you allowed to say something brought back memories if it only happened a couple months ago???) eh
but anyway, im still really active on aj. I'm a nonmember, unfortunately, (i had to autocorrect that 3 times. i cant spell that word for the life of me)
oh, i gotta go for a bit. brb. idk why im saying brb considering once this is done you wont be able to tell i was gone.
(insert jeopardy theme song)
im back. in your time you weren't reading my post (cept for the jeopardy theme song part) for about 1 second. but in my time i was gone abt 30 mins. :p

So, whats changed in animal jam? not much. hmm
Pigs 4 nms
Giraffes 4 nms
some weird items idk why anyone would wear
Lets talk about masterpieces, since they're the most interesting.
when i was a member, i made 3. (4, if your counting the horrible cat one)
I'll insert 'em for you
LOAD, animaljam

here they are!! whopwhopwhop
wait but you know how you can save masterpieces? well i made one, and saved it for when im a member. (i drew it when i was a nm)
here it is
i rlly like it
i hope i can be a member soon so i can make it into a real masterpiece :D
Whats changed about me?
im twelve
i got a camp-halfblood tshirt thats amazing
i bought quidditch through the ages
got 2 harry potter pop figurines
(why dont they make percy jackson ones??)
idk what else
im getting a bookshelf now, since all my books are jam-packed, (like literally, you wouldn't be able to fit a piece of paper into it.)
so yeah
i reread percy jackson
i reread harry potter (for the 3rd time)
i got harry potter and the cursed child and read it
it was amazing
lots of people are hating on it, though. idk why.
i still play soccer and stuff.. hmm
im still drawing
here's a chart of what i do with my free time:
i dont feel like making a chart
my school starts in a few days
so yeah. thats it about me.
since this is an animal jam blog, lets talk about that. 
my username, ofc, is lovepuppiez like always.
my den's usually unlocked
i love talking to people so send me jamagrams or buddy requests. whoo
have you guys heard about the new magenta spikes? they're kind of cool
i guess this dude named pillowcloud was getting returned items (if someone declines your jamagram gift they return it to you) and ajhq somehow messed up the color of his spike and gave him a magenta one? thats what i heard. anyway, i think its really cool.
Yeah! i think that concludes this post!
hope you enjoyed!

if you look down below you'll a super cool code i found that 
gives you spieks and rars

lol troll

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


ello. its me.
i'm on vacation :3
So yep.
don't have much to say

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

sorry for the lack of posts..

Hey guys, it mah, lovepuppiez. Sorry bout the lack of posts recently. I'll just create a little timeline of updates from when i was gone
Dec. - christmas + Jamaaliday gifts
Jan. - Goats will be released, voting for sloth/falcon/ostrich + new giant plushies in the diamond shop
Feb. - Valentines day stuff, Friendship Party, and Valentines day items
See? when I do that, it doesn't sound like TOO long. Three months isn't that bad.. lol
anyhoo, i hope everyone's holidays where nice. Mine where! :3

New plushies are coming to Jamaa!! These include the lynx, polar bear, owl (???), otter, and a few more i've forgotten. Some Giant versions of them have already been released. These are the otter and polar bear :3
I don't really have much else to say, except this:
VOTE FOR SLOTHS. i know everyone's already voted, but i really want sloths to win.. they're my fav animal!!
yeah, nothin' interesting goin' on in my life, i've been drawing a lot tho. I could probs show you some stuff if you guys want.
P.S, i'll probably get around to changing the theme again pretty soon! Its been halloween for a looooong time!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hi all

Holaaaaa! I'm going to try to post some more.. I've just been getting like 2 page views on each post so its kinda discouraging but heeeeeey
Anyway, today I have a drawing I made for my friend, horses08282. (go sub to her channel, click click)
So yeah. I drew her arcticccc <3 p="">
Oh geez. This is as big as I can get it //cri
Unless you want the full-blown version that you gotta scroll to seeeee~
Btw, to horses, sorry its only a headshot :P
much byes

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Night of the phantoms....

....is here!!!
AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im so happy
I logged on earlier today (around 2:00) and the updates weren't out yet. I was really sad, because no halloween items where out, and jamaa didnt have a halloween theme. I thought I was gonna hafta wait a whole 'nother week! But later, I checked a blog and they had a post up about the updates. As soon as I read the first few sentences, I immediatly logged onto my AJ
I saw the updates, and I was so excited! I'm also sad though, because AJ brought bitter sweets, and they just made it easier. They didn't even change the items. :( I'm kind of happy/sad that you can get the chocolate peck statue and toffee pulling machine, but its just easier. Those items are gonna be worth trash a week from now, while you never saw any around before this adventure was released. :( But I've decided to make a killer candy factory, even better then I did last year. I'll probs be doing this adventure 24/7 lol.
I absolutely LOVE the art of the taffy pulling machine, though, so I guess i am sort of happy its back..? I have mixed feelings. Also, they brought back the haunted manor, but I'm pretty sure its new and improved. It has a larger yard, and they also added a little set of stairs that go down to a concrete space. There's also lots of new items around! I found out when doing the adventure, you can win this clothing item called Bone Claws, and its really cool!! I got one :)
Also, just because I finally decided to go find it out, I finally found out what the people in the music in the pumpkin patch in bittersweets are saying! I know its really not very special, but i finally took the time to find out. I'm pretty sure it says:
Save your
Save your paws
Save your
I know all of you probably already knew that, but i sure didn't. Guess ya learn somethin' new every day :P
Also, the fall theme in Jamaa is gone. Boom. Zip. Pow. Gone. It's now night of the phantoms theme! There are phantoms and spoopy decorations.. The mira statue has even changed to a Tall phantom statue!!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hey guys, lovepuppiez here with another post! Today I found a decoration in jamaa that cought my eye:
There's nothing super special about it, but I just really really hope that it comes out as a real item. I really like gords, I have this one I've had for about three years. It never rotted, and now it's completely hollowed out and when you shake it you can hear the seeds. I've been getting a new gord for the past three years, and that was the first one and only one that didn't rot. It now sits on my desk in a Barrel of monkeys barrel. I might be able to show you guys a picture later if you want. 
                                                                                                                                                                             So! Only one more week till all the updates come! Also probably the last week to play Grahams Workshop. So get your stuff now! I'm personally trying to get 75 gold for the tail armor, but I only have 36.. I have 250 silver though lol
Well, nothings going on, so byee