Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cookies & Candles

Hai Jammers! Today's Jamaaliday gift looks even yummier then yesterday's to me..... Be sure to log in and recieve your 9th Jamaaliday present... the Cookie Table! Now we have a Marshmallow Chair and a Cookie Table :)! I don't get why AJHQ can't just send us a real Cookie Table so we can eat it.. Why is my snake on the table? O.O He's probably as hungry as I am. So, new item in Jammart Furniture today :D Pretty cheap if you ask moi. QUICKLY PEOPLE HURRY UP AND GET THE CANDLE ORNEMENT UR GOING TO SLOWLY, jk go as slow as u want, it'll stay for a looong time probably. I personally really like this item. Oh, and i have a complaint about the Jamaaliday lights that came out yesterday. I got a bunch of them to hand on my Epic Jamaaliday Tree but they cant even go on it! What's up with that? You can only place them around the stump of the tree.......  Here's a picture of my Jamaaldiday tree currently :) Love food, love AJ, and lovepuppiez!

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