Friday, December 19, 2014

Hello Guys, the gift today would be the icicle horn! Whoa, it's like a unicorn horn but for NON-MEMBERS!! Sorry for the bad picture. Anyways, the new items can be found in Jammart Clothing, The Hot Cocoa Hut, and Jammart Furniture! First off, the new item in The Hot Cocoa Hut is the Yeti Face!!! Thats kinda creepy, but it reminds me of the Yeti Mask that came out in halloween. Anyway the new items in da den shop would be the jamaaliday Bird Feeder and the jamaaliday Window! There's also a new item the in Jammart Clothing. The rockin' Ornement Earings. I wonder if I'll see any boys wearing these? XD Love food, love AJ, and lovepuppiez!

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