Monday, December 22, 2014

Hi, the gift today is the North Pole. Sorry for the bad pic. The the items are the Winter Log Bench, Jamaaliday Planter, Winter Mail Box, Snowflake Tiara (I KNEW it!), and of course Jammers, the moment we've all been waiting for.. dundundadun.. ITS RARE ITEM MONDAY and guess what?!? ITS FOR EVERYONE! Anybody been searching for a Santa CLAWS outfit? Well, the Rare Hat And Beard is availible for all jammers to make a perfect Santa Claws outfit! this item will only be around today, and it only cost 500 gems! Oh, and if anybody would like a free gift in AJ for christmas, just comment your username in the posts below! if you are not a member, send me a buddy request on my other account thats Arcticwolf1523. I will trade u an item, it doesn't matter if you celebrate Christmas or not, I'm gonna give gifts to anybody who does the things above! Oh, if ur budding me on Arcticwolf1523, be sure to say something other then "Animal Jam Rocks!" just so I know ur jagging me to get a gift. Love food, love AJ, and lovepuppiez!

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