Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hi jammers. The Jamaaliday gift today is the Elf Shoes. I thought those where s'posed to come out in STORES though, anyway the new item is the SnowFlake Crown found in Jammart Clothing, how much u wanna bet the SnowFlake Tiara is gonna come out tomorrow? I'm actually really surprised it didn't come out in Epic Wonders, it's in the same price range as the things that are sold in Epic Wonders. And the new item that is in Jammart Furniture is pretty epic! And it's a LOT cheaper then I would've thought it would be. Presenting, the Winter Fire Pit Table! But srsly guys, don't you think this item would cost MORE then just the Winter Fire Pit????? Well, ur wrong. It costs 100 gems less then the Winter Fire Pit does. There is even a new item in Sunken Treasures, go buy your Coral Snowman for a cheap price of 300 gems! Good job AJHQ, for finding a way to let us bring a touch of winter into our underwater dens! :shakes head: I wish it was nm though.. But you'd better apreciate the picture, it took a while to get up.. I saved it as "CS" and it wouldn't come up in my pictures when I was trying to post it up here. I snap-shotted it like a thousand times, but it wouldn't come up. Eventually I named it CORAL SNOWMAN and it came up, idk why CS didn't.. Love food, love AJ, and lovepuppiez!

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