Thursday, December 11, 2014

Niceness spottings

I was just in Jamaa Township and I met maybe 2 of the nicest jammers i ever met, there was this one girl, Eveeve555, and she wanted a nm red pirate sword, I had one, I gave it to her as a present, and she was like "thank you so much!" and she buddied me and gave me glitched nerd glasses, there was another girl there, pokemon1935, and she sent me a solid blue top hat because she said I was generous, then I sent her a rare viking hat, then she sent me a brown beard, I sent her a rare tophat,  she buddied me, and Eveeve555 and pokemon1935 echanged gifts, and from how they where thanking eachother, they must've been pretty good presents, and trust me, I am never ever going to trade away those nerd glasses or that top hat, or that beard. Love food, love AJ, and lovepuppiez! :') (Don't ask me why I posted on this, it TOTALLY deserved a post!)

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