Sunday, December 14, 2014

Whoa, jammers! Sorry I couldn't post yesterday, I was super busy. Anyway, tons of new stuff in Jamaa! Today's gift is the Candy Cane Socks, they're really cute! Head to Jammart clothing to buy your jingle bell necklace and your PineCone Necklace! New items: Paw Candy 125 gems Reindeer Poop 250 gems Mysertious Cloak 2 diamonds Jingle Bell Necklace 500 gems Pinecone Necklace 450 gems, and check out the new log in screen!! Such cool items!! I'm not sure if some of these came out yesterday or today, but I needed so many pics of the items! Sorry if they are a bit unorganized, I tried my best! Mystery of the day: Why did AJHQ bring out Mysterious Cloaks in Jamaalidays, and why do all head items looks weird on koalas? Love food, love AJ, and lovepuppiez!

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