Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy new year, everyone! It's officially 2015! Is it just me or did 2014 go by super duper fast?? Anyway.. :'( The daily spin is back. Ugh, the Jamaalidays seemed like they took about 2 seconds.  D: anyway, the Garnet Birthstone can be found in Epic Wonders! Perfect if your birthday is in January, or if you just want to collect these precious crystals!  The Carnation Bouquet can also be found in Treetop Gardens for a low price of 700 gems :D! Do you guys ever look at the artwork in Jammer Central??? It's been really good lately! I have been trying to get on it for a while, but it's alot harder then I thought! Do you also ever check out the Epic Dens list? They have also been quite cool lately! I have been on the Epic Dens list 1 time. I have a mythical garden den and for like a week, every single day of that week, I got it full, witch is 32 people in my den at the same time! It was so fun, you guys should try it! Also, the last egyption den item leaves tomorrow!!!!! I wonder if AJHQ will come out with anything like dis in 2015? Hopefully they will! Yeah, so the last piece of egyption furniture is for members only and is the Egyptian Sphinx! And the hair salon set is already moving out! Also, the panda claw in the Diamond Shop has 7 days left on it! Love food, love AJ, Aand lovepuppiez!

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