Thursday, January 22, 2015

Updates and......... Rare Item Thursday?

Hey jammers! It's been 2 weeks since the last update, and it's thursday so u know what that meeeeeeans......... UPDATES! :D Honestly, these updates in the middle of new animals and all the exciting den item contests and stuff, are usually pretty boring, but today's is in da middle of da new animal and is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! CHECK OUT DA FIRST PAGE
*click to enlarge*

Awesome! Now we can live like Cosmo, (cosmos den) and Greely! I hope they come out with more Alpha Dens, maybe Graham's Workshop, Liza's Hut, or Peck's Paint Studio? Here is de den in de diamond shop:
It's rlly big! Okai, next page, shall we?
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Yay! The friendship Party has returned, and this time it has brought an awesome set of armor to the diamond shop, called the Friendship Armor
Totally pawsome! (ignore the helmet in the corner lol) Next page:
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:O Whoa! 85,000??? OVER 85,000? HOLY COW... AND AJHQ GOT THEY'RE REAL PANDA AT THE ZOO! :D yaaaaaay awesome job everyone who adopted a pet panda! Lets see the next page..

:O AJHQ revealed that owls are gonna be da new animal, even doe half da world already knew it! But these animals should come in exactly 2 weeks. Also, u guys should check out the owl video! It's rlly cute! And they announced the new sketch jam again.. 
Also, there a 99.9% chance the animals are going to be member and
10 diamonds
Anyway, next page:
*reads hoping winning den will be announced*
*gets to bottom of page*
We still have to wait 2 weeks >:I   

Has it been 2 weeks yet?! Time, why must you go so slow? :I Well, what was your favorite update of today? What den did you vote for? Do ya like waffle?(ya we like waffles) Share your thoughts in a comment down below!
Well, I'm signing out for now!
O wait, also... dont forget jammers, its thursday so that means.... RIT! Wait, what? Rare item thursday? It's true! Members and Non Members get your Rare Pink Purse in Jammart Clothing for 850 gems!
XD me confused :I okay, bye for real this time!

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  1. My favorite update of the day was the new den! And i voted for the Paint Studio! And yes I like waffles! >:3 XD What about u guys?