Monday, January 5, 2015

Hiya jammers! Sorry for the really late post! Remember how I was feeling really sick for the past 2 days? Well, I had a Dr. Apt. for today and just got home.. fortunatly, I'm feeling a whole lot better!!! Annnnnyway, it's finally Rare Item Monday!  Lol, I wouldn't even have known it was Monday if my mom hadn't told me that yesterday was Sunday... I thought yesterday was Saturday! XD My days get really mixed up in any sort of break when I don't have school! Oh, btw, today I went back to school. I'm actually not all that upset though, because I like school. Anyway here is the R.I.M!

Pretty cool! I don't know of any deer that have green antlers, but let's just say there is moss covering normal brown antlers! XD It will be perfect for my deer :3. Actually, I think this already was a R.I.M maybe a year ago, idk though. Yeah, it was probably brought back as a R.I.M just like the Rare Cupcake Hat!  It's only 1,000 gems too! Love food, love AJ, and lovepuppiez!! :'D

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