Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hey! Its Thursday and you know what that means... UPDATES!
Yaaaaaay!! Owls are finally here! I was able to buy one of these cute little guys!
Isn't she cute? Next page:
Looks like the Pizza Parlor den set won the contest! i was hoping for the paint themed one, but pizza is good. Next:
Awesome! Okay, next.
Cool, neeeeeeext
65,000,000 valentines?!? Thats alot! Good job! Also, earlier in Coral Canyons, there was an awesome glitch where u could fly even if u didn't have a flying animal! It was really fun, but they patched it. Here are some pics I managed to take!

XD we're all flying. and that river is going right over me! Well, cya for now, jammers!

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