Friday, March 6, 2015

Hey Jammers of Jamaa!
As many of you probably know, Lovepuppiez is on vacation in Florida for a while. So, she's letting me post for her since she'll be really busy lately. And, don't worry guys, I already told her to shrink the sun and bring it back here so that we have heat again. Anywho.. Lemme introduce myself. Hi, i'm Ajisawesomeppl3! I also have a YouTube channel called JJ Awesome Wafflez. So anyway! Let's go ahead and get started!! ☺

The new den item for today is.. (Du du du dun! Drum roll please!!) Paint marks!! Now, I absolutely love the new Paint Studio AJHQ came out with because first of all, I voted for that one because I LOVE to draw and paint, and second of all, I think it's a really creative idea. So here it is! 
And now for the newest clothes item!! I love this new item because it actually somewhat looks like a spike and since I lost my actual spike this is better than nuthin! ☺
So here it is!

I love it, I love it, I love it!
Well, that's all for now! Peace out Jammers! Since Lovepuppiez isn't here to say it than I just will! Remember to, Love food, Love AJ, & Lovepuppiez!! ♥
By the way, remember to take a look at this cute little picture!

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