Monday, March 9, 2015


Hello everybody! Itsh Monday, so here is the RIM!
Humph. I actually like this RIM! Whoa, I just found something out.. IT GOES PERFECTLY WIT THE LUCKY GAUNTLETS!!!! AHHHH XD I love this lucky fest thing in AJ I just love the items.. Ooooooh, yeahhh, and I found out how to make a bed for Lucky Day!
what it looks like:
What you need
Lucky table x 2

Green Mat, as many as cover the bed, I suggest 8 r 9 or so...
Green Pillow x 2, and no, it doesn't work with Lucky Pillows unfortunatly.
Okay, so thats what you need, now how to make it:
Line up the tables like that. Then place the mats on top of the tables MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE SPACE AT THE TOP FOR YOUR 2 PILLOWS!!!!
Then, put your pillows on the top of the bed:
And you have a bed :D Welllllllllllllllllllllllll..................... bye

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