Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hey Jammers of Jamaa! Ajisawesomeppl3 here aka JJ! So, uh.. Ya, I couldn't find any other new items except for this pretty cool "Painter's Scaffolding." Jeez, that waz a BIG word. ANYWHO! That's all I could find today but I wanted to share a few other things with you guys for today! First off, the the new item of the furniture is!! Dis stuffz ova hewr..

Holy pea soup!! This is adorable! Well, not the scaffdoleidnfdieng thing-a-ma-jigger. This cute picture of a kitten. I said awwww.. Before I even saw it.
Oh, ya! Strangest thing ever on Animal Jam. So, listen. I logged onto Animal Jam and somehow I see that I got two jamagrams. I opened one of the jamagrams and it was from my friend. The strange thing is, when I opened the second jamagram it wasn't from anybody. It was blank where it usually says who the jamagram is from. There was a gift too! So, I got real excited but then when I opened the gift.. It was a diamond. How is that even possible? It's not at all possible to gift someone a diamond.... I'm kinda freaked out right now. So, anyway that was the daily stuff mixed with a little story and a cute kitten!

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