Thursday, April 30, 2015

AJHQ! WHYMUSTYOUDOTHISTOME?!!? *crys* I wanted a new flippin land.. We've had enough new dens! And I cant even afford it cuz its 7 flippin diamonds and i only have 2, not to mention that i cant even save up because i only hav 6 days left of my membership. And its members. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!
Uuuuuuugh.. Anyway.. There's a new deeeen.. *sarcastic clapping*
Eh. Sure, it's a neat den.. But.. I want a new land. With a new shop. A new game! But no. We get a house that cost 7 diamonds that I cant afford..  Now for some more updates.
I like these den sets! Too bad it's impossible to vote because the thing is glitched. //cri
I actually have never been a huge fan of the cheetahs. I feel like them in the snow leopards are like the same but the snowleopards are fluffier?? Idk. The video is cute though. I always like AJHQ's videos c: 
And then there's just...blahblahblah Spring bunny! Blahblahblah Buy a membership! Blahblahblah

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  1. I was hoping it would be last year's summer den.
    Buddy me on Quex.