Monday, July 13, 2015

Hey guys!

Hiya! I am still here, but I don't know if you guys are. Anyway, I'm still on AJ, and this blog isnt yet dead. So! Summer's started. how are you guys? I'm pretty good, except I haven't eaten icecream in 'bout a week (bout a week ago week ago). Anywho, I'm still, heeeeeeeeeeere, so, the question: Are you guys?

ANY-ANYWHO HOW R U? I've come to steal that pizza. Any-anywho, how r u? I need some pie from you now. Come on dudey dude, I see you, pretending you don't got a pie. You're not foolin' Me, Cuz I can see, that ol' creamy pie, saying to you bye-bye. You know I'm gonna steal your pie.
                                                            (new scooby doo themesong)
ah, u know what? Nah.
I dunno what else to say. Oh, I'm getting pretty hooked on this game called Agar. Its so flippin' addicting. I got first place on the leaderboard today... I had 8,500 mass. 'twas fun. Anyway, u should cheeck it out. WELL
I should get going, I hope I can post more often soon! Bye guys! Hope some of you are still here ! :P

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  1. Plz post more I want ur posts u post like once ever 7 years :P