Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First day of Fall!

Hey! Guess what? Summer's officially over. Some kids may be sad, but not me! I love Fall! I like to call myself an official fall fan. Well, I think today should be the day AJ's fall and halloween things come out. I know october 1st is a nice fresh number, but I personally think they should start it on the first day of fall. Ugh, my aj's not loading. c'mon.  oh my gosh what happened it was just loading.. com ON.. ugh.. Okay, i think its working... Or not. uuuUUGH
i just want the dumb store to load.. BUT NO THATS ILLEGAL
its probably not even gonna let me post this once I'm done. Lets see how long it will take to get my AJ to load. I won't say anything until it loads. Right now its 2:23.
YYAAYYY IT LOADED! Its 2:28. Not too bad, I guess.
Anyway, the Baseball cleats are in the shop. How come they just come out with baseball cleats? Whatta bout soccer :(
Anyway, the tall tiki table is also back in stores! Its non member :D
ugh have you ever wanted an item REALLY badly but can't find anyone with it? And when you do find someone they don't want to trade it? well, im going through that right now lol
I literally have not found ONE PERSON who's willing to trade me pumpkins. I only have one and i want more :(
SO if your willing to trade them, please please jamagram me! I have den betas and worns and a rare bow and fox hat :3 I also have a short yellow wrist and a long pink wrist i'll trade for many of them. Please jamagram me. If your non-member, post on my jammer wall.  Anyway, I really want them.
Only eight more days till night of the phantoms! I can't wait!! Savor the Fall senory while you can, it'll soon be replaced by spooky decorations! I love night of the phantoms!

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  1. Ok ok hi it's me. I really don't play AJ that much anymore so... Um ya. I might not look at this blog that much... Um ya. Sorry.