Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hey guys! I'd like to make a post today because I feel like it.
I really hope people still read this. If not, I'll try to nurse it back to health. I'm trying to be on AJ more, and feel free to jamagram me and send me a buddy request. Also, halloween is coming up!! I'm rl excited lmao. I'm going trick or treating as Totoro!
Does anyone else like Totoro? I wonder when halloween items will start coming out in Jamaa....
Eh. Maybe I'm getting hyped to soon. 
OOOOh that reminds me! I'll change this blog's theme to halloween! Yeeeeey I like designing themes. Also, I'm really sad the summer carnival is leaving. My membership JUST expired and I can't really stock up. I bought A TON of pizza hats, beanies, and umbrellas. About 50k tickets worth of those suckers. Also, the Tye-Dye shirt is back!
Cool! I wish they had rainbow though.. Rainbow rocks. 
Well, bye guys! I hope I can post more soon.

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  1. Yaaay!!!! I'm really happy that everything about October is coming back- do you think the salon theme and Egyptian theme will come back?? I first joined AJ 2 days before Halloween... Wow! I've been a jammer for a whole year now, almost! Awesome!
    I'm gonna go trick-or-treating as, idk, a cat? OMG I COULD GO TRICK-OR-TREATING AS GREELY OR PECK XDDD lawl.