Thursday, September 17, 2015


OH MY GOD I'M SO HAPPY. It's nearly here... my favorite holiday!!!!! Night Of The Phantoms should be here in 2 Thursdays. I wonder why they always choose thursday for their news? Idk. Anyway, I just love halloween. I might like it more than Christmas, idk! PLUS halloween's on a weekend, and thats great because frankly my mind has trouble staying focused on whatever math problem we're working out in class if i'm really excited to go to my grandma's and trick or treat. I'm even more excited than usual, because I have my first costume that I really like. Well, I don't have it yet, I'll be making it soon. Whenever I dress up, I always make my costume, because A. store bought ones are sooo unoriginal and cost like 30 bucks a pop and B. its usually cold when we go trick or treating, and those costumes are made out of that REALLY thin fabric or whatever it is, and I don't like wearing stuff under my costume. I REALLY REALLY HOPE AJ MAKES A GOOD ADVENTURE LIKE LAST YEAR'S. I LOVED last year's adventure. It was probably just the prizes, though. I was overpaying left and right for those Chocolate peck statues and Taffy machines. In the end i only got 1 taffy machine and 2 chocolate pecks, but I'm glad I decided to trade for them then, because I haven't seen one o' them since the adventure was out. They're pretty much my favorite items. I also have at least 2 of every other item you can get; I played that game hours at a time. I need to get a membership though, or else I won't be able to buy any halloween goods. Are you guys hyped for this event? I'll probably be counting down the days until they (maybe) release the new adventure. I plan to get the membership by then, if all goes smoothly. From Sept. to the end of December, is BY FAR my favorite stretch of time. Well, tbh, im sure its most every kid's my age. You've got halloween, thanksgiving, winter break, christmas eve, christmas, new year's eve, and new years. Then it just kinda dies down, but its so fun while it lasts! now there's a weird thought. Its almost 2016!! Dang, now my mind is singing me christmas carols and getting me hyped for christmas! I LOVE the holidays!! Last year I TOTALLY decked out my den, giving it every candy shop item in the game, plus a few other candy items that where out in previous years, and I gave it a claw machine and yellow sweets wallpaper, and a flower floor, I also gave it a ton of plushies, a huge decorated christmas tree, lots of snow clouds, and other stuff. I just got really excited. Every day I would go to jamaa and get it full. It was so fun. I plan to do the same this year, but jazz it up with some new releases. I'll definatly be posting more during the holidays, because I love them!!!!!!!! I'll really try to get a membership soon. When we get to the advent calender, I don't want to get cheated out of the 15 or so diamonds members got last year. Speaking of diamonds... I really wanted to get a kangaroo when I got my membership back, because I've been hoarding my diamonds and now have 16, but if I get my membership soon, I won't be able to get them for a while :( Why'd THEY have to travel? :'( Also, I'm not a huge fan of the new lynx. Its cute and all, but it doesn't really work as an animal. It'd be an adorable pet imo, but... I can't really see it as an animal. I really hope to get a membership soon, so I can make costumes and stuff with my animals.
O I ALMOST FORGOT. I absolutely LOVE the trading update. You don't know HOW EASY it is to get scammed by say...
Hey person! What for your spike?
Oh, uhm... 7 spike wrists.
Okay! I have those. Put your spike on trade, I'll trade you four then send the rest. Got it?
Alright, its on trade
(once the person trades the 4 wrists or whatever)
The den you where in has been locked!
See? It's really easy.... But now we can trade lots more than 4 at a time! yippeeee!
Also, jamaa has taken on a great change! Savor this theme while you can, folks, because soon it'll go into halloween theme, then christmas! The leaves are a beautiful orange, red, and yellow! The weather is turning cooler, so be sure to get on some warm clothes!
Another reason I love fall is that I have a soccer season in fall, and, imo, its the best season for outdoor sports! The reason is because its usually cooler in fall, so when your playing a game, you don't get as hot and run out of water as quick! Since our last season we where undefeated, we moved up a division (which basically means we'll be playing better teams), and our first game we won 8-zip! Ahhh, I love soccer. And fall. And halloween. And christmas. And new years. And Night of the phantoms. And nigh of the phantoms adventures. And candy items. And the new trading updates.... (20 more, display?)
Whoa! that was like the longest post I've posted in FOREVER! Hey, also, this blog was created in december, so if there are any viewers then, I'll probably throw a party or a giveaway or something! Jam on,
(its been quite a long time since I've used that, yikes)

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  1. Woah, I haven't seen the new stuff yet! MUST... LOG... ON...
    I was like "wait, trading update? OH YEAH!!!!!"