Wednesday, February 3, 2016

sorry for the lack of posts..

Hey guys, it mah, lovepuppiez. Sorry bout the lack of posts recently. I'll just create a little timeline of updates from when i was gone
Dec. - christmas + Jamaaliday gifts
Jan. - Goats will be released, voting for sloth/falcon/ostrich + new giant plushies in the diamond shop
Feb. - Valentines day stuff, Friendship Party, and Valentines day items
See? when I do that, it doesn't sound like TOO long. Three months isn't that bad.. lol
anyhoo, i hope everyone's holidays where nice. Mine where! :3

New plushies are coming to Jamaa!! These include the lynx, polar bear, owl (???), otter, and a few more i've forgotten. Some Giant versions of them have already been released. These are the otter and polar bear :3
I don't really have much else to say, except this:
VOTE FOR SLOTHS. i know everyone's already voted, but i really want sloths to win.. they're my fav animal!!
yeah, nothin' interesting goin' on in my life, i've been drawing a lot tho. I could probs show you some stuff if you guys want.
P.S, i'll probably get around to changing the theme again pretty soon! Its been halloween for a looooong time!!

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