Monday, August 29, 2016

Hey guys!!

Its me
i was wondering if after all these years months you still read tis blog

sorry for not posting
i'll give it to you straight, i kind of forgot about this blog. I was reading some of my posts, though, and it brought back nice memories (are you allowed to say something brought back memories if it only happened a couple months ago???) eh
but anyway, im still really active on aj. I'm a nonmember, unfortunately, (i had to autocorrect that 3 times. i cant spell that word for the life of me)
oh, i gotta go for a bit. brb. idk why im saying brb considering once this is done you wont be able to tell i was gone.
(insert jeopardy theme song)
im back. in your time you weren't reading my post (cept for the jeopardy theme song part) for about 1 second. but in my time i was gone abt 30 mins. :p

So, whats changed in animal jam? not much. hmm
Pigs 4 nms
Giraffes 4 nms
some weird items idk why anyone would wear
Lets talk about masterpieces, since they're the most interesting.
when i was a member, i made 3. (4, if your counting the horrible cat one)
I'll insert 'em for you
LOAD, animaljam

here they are!! whopwhopwhop
wait but you know how you can save masterpieces? well i made one, and saved it for when im a member. (i drew it when i was a nm)
here it is
i rlly like it
i hope i can be a member soon so i can make it into a real masterpiece :D
Whats changed about me?
im twelve
i got a camp-halfblood tshirt thats amazing
i bought quidditch through the ages
got 2 harry potter pop figurines
(why dont they make percy jackson ones??)
idk what else
im getting a bookshelf now, since all my books are jam-packed, (like literally, you wouldn't be able to fit a piece of paper into it.)
so yeah
i reread percy jackson
i reread harry potter (for the 3rd time)
i got harry potter and the cursed child and read it
it was amazing
lots of people are hating on it, though. idk why.
i still play soccer and stuff.. hmm
im still drawing
here's a chart of what i do with my free time:
i dont feel like making a chart
my school starts in a few days
so yeah. thats it about me.
since this is an animal jam blog, lets talk about that. 
my username, ofc, is lovepuppiez like always.
my den's usually unlocked
i love talking to people so send me jamagrams or buddy requests. whoo
have you guys heard about the new magenta spikes? they're kind of cool
i guess this dude named pillowcloud was getting returned items (if someone declines your jamagram gift they return it to you) and ajhq somehow messed up the color of his spike and gave him a magenta one? thats what i heard. anyway, i think its really cool.
Yeah! i think that concludes this post!
hope you enjoyed!

if you look down below you'll a super cool code i found that 
gives you spieks and rars

lol troll

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