Tuesday, September 6, 2016

the truth about magenta top hats

Okay, if you've been leaving under a rock the past few days, here's what happened
AJHQ basically scammed us.
No, no, im not against ajhq, i just wanted to say what happened

So, before i start, you probably all know about glitched magenta items?
if not, ill explain
Magenta is the testing color at animal jam headquarters. sometimes, they accidentally release a pure magenta item and it ends up only being in stores for abt an hour. Then, it becomes super flipping rare.

anyway, back to the story.
Yesterday was RIM. They released a "Rare custom top hat" in the diamond shop. It was PURE magenta. Everybody rushed to buy like tons of diamonds so they could get this item because they thought it was glitched.
When everyone found out it was supposed to be magenta, because ajhq was just luring us into the diamond shop, they had already spent tons of diamonds, or overtraded by a ton.

Since all these magenta items have been accidentally given to players later (ex. pillowcloud's magenta spike) ajhq thought the top hat would attract a ton of people. It did.
So basically, ajhq got us all to pay real money for diamonds because they made us think that this was glitched.

Also, i saw people getting scammed by this, because really, who reads the daily explorer anymore? but people were saying it was glitched, and people believed them, and traded tons of stuff for this rim.
I, myself, almost traded a blue long for one, but when the person accepted within 2 seconds, i got cold feet and backed out. thank goodness i did.
So guys, this IS NOT GLITCHED. its probably worth less than regular rims because SOOOOO many people bought it. So yeah
(also dont think im ranting on ajhq, because im not. i just wanted to clear things up.)
Bye guys,

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