Hiya guys! this is a page for me to tell u things u should do an AJ and things u shouldn't!
DONT scam!
DO trade fairly for items!
DONT if someone doesn't accept dont scream "THAT WAS FAIR"
DO if someone doesn't accept, simply offer a different item and see if they accept that.
DONT copy people's looks!
DO make up ur own original look!
DONT copy people's dens!
DO make up ur own den that fits u just right!
DONT go around shouting things like "AJ STINKS AND IS BORING"
DO don't play AJ if it's boring
DONT make a big fun party for everyone then lock them out!
DO make a fun party for everyone where everyone stays and has a fun time!
DONT go around saying violent stuff like "BITES HEAD" "SCTRATCHES FACE OFF, NN"
DO say kind things to Jammers and be nice to them, nobody likes a bully!
DONT sit in the corner and pretend ur rare and beta and cool and too good for everyone
DO even if u are cool or rare, go around and say hi to people and have fun! Whats the fun in sitting around?
DONT make a fashion show for just members!
DO make fun parties and fashion shows for everyone INCLUDING nms!
DONT send people spam mail!
DO send people nice jamagrams!
Well, those are my DO'S and DONT'S of AJ! Love food, love AJ, and lovepuppiez!


  1. Whoah, it would be pawsome if all jammers followed these!

    1. Yes! AJ would be a better place for sure if they did. I personally appreciate the 'don't make a big fun party and then lock them out!' because that is are real pain

  2. I totally agree with no copying and no roleplaying! :)