Hai Jammers! This is a page that I will be putting AJ mysteries in! So, the first mystery is........ New Land maybe? There is space on the map for various new lands! I bet a few of these will eventually come out! But what would they be like? Maybe they'red be a shop in them like there are most lands? Maybe it would be big? Small? Ocean? Land???? I'm almost positive at least one of these lands will come out! :P The next mystery is: Mt.Shiveer. Have you ever really thought of Mt.Shiveer as a mysterious land? Well, there might be more mysteries there then you think! First off, something that alot of jammers have wondered about! The ice that is in Mt.Shiveer! Can it break? What's under it? Can seals really only break it? What are your thoughts about the ice? Another mystery in Mt.Shiveer is the caves. I have been thinking about this and thought they will eventually lead into the new lands (if they come out). There are 2 caves found in Mt.Shiveer: notice how one is being blocked by
rocks and the other ice? Yes, I know, presents are blocking that one, but trust me, if it weren't December, there'd be ice there. Sorry 'bout the presents. The next mystery is The Lost Temple Of Zios. Personally, I feel like this land has the most hystery with it! It was a Temple Of Zios, long ago, but now all that remains is this cool looking place and a statue of Zios that is in ruins. But the mystery is: What did the statue of Zios look like before it fell? And you may know, Jammers, that if 4 or more people sleep around this statue, phantoms come out of it. Why do phantoms come out of it?
Here's another one:
Have you ever wondered what phantoms are? Did you think they where just spirits? Or ghosts? Well, here's my theory:
Phantoms actually symbolize humans, and it shows that humans are harsh to the environment. People trap animals, build building in the forest, cut down trees, litter, and lots of other stuff that some people fail to see is wrong. The animals see humans as phantoms, as dark, foul creatures that destroy animals and they're homes. The animals are constantly fighting with the humans, and avoiding them as well.  Be kind to your surroundings, and don't be a phantom!


  1. I really hope that new land comes out XD

  2. OOOOH WHAT IF THE NEW LAND WAS......... WAIT FOR IT...... WAIT FOR IT...... Idk XD lol. I think maybe the phantoms are, like, spirit phantoms that aren't alive anymore, 'cause they're all translucent. AND EVERYONE KNOWS THAT BEFORE THE STATUE OF ZIOS WAS RUINED IT WAS A MONKEY STATUE XDDDDDDDD lol.