They're Scammers
Scammers are un-nice jammers
Fair is not how they play
they'll cheat and treat you like prey
They're cruel and bad
They take more then they're allowed to have
They'll say they'll give you rares for free
Who wants to get scammed? (Not me!)
They'll say "Trust me I'll give you my stuff"
They'll say that to get more then enough
Come to their dens if you want to get scammed
Or you could just report them and hope they get banned
You know that this is true
They'll take things away from you
You may not be able to stop them right there and then
You may not be able to pretend
But we can all unite
And those scammers we'll fight

Jamaa's so cool
It's not at all cruel
There's a forest, a beach, a township and more
It's where you'll find fun galore
Animals live there
Yet still not a bear
You can make a den
You can make some friends
And you can pretend
To Jamaa Township we'll go
Watching the river flow
It'll be fun for all
Prepare to have a ball
There's stuff to do
Stuff waiting for you
So go do it
Do more then a little bit
'Cause Jamaa's groove
To Jamaa we'll move
So c'mon!!!!!