Scams Not To Fall For.

This is a list of scams that u will often see ppl in Jamaa using! You should NEVER EVER fall for these! Watch out for these and if u see someone doing one of these, REPORT AND BLOCK AND SWITCH WORLDS. So, here it is:
The "Trust me" scam. This is a very simple scam and easy to avoid, you may see a Jammer saying "Trust me win all my items/my really good item.". By "trust" this Jammer means for you to Trust-Trade him/her items. The Jammer will put a bad store bought item like a necklace on trade, and then they will tell u to trade them good items and they will decline and give you their items. Well, every single time, this Jammer DOES NOT decline and decides that they have always wanted that item and they accept and take ur item. When you see this happening, report that player. Simplest way to avoid this scam: don't trade them, of course!
this one is the actual beta blanket.

this is the unbeta tiara.
this is the unbeta blanket.
   The Beta Old Blanket/Beta Tiara Scam. Jammers often fall for this scam. The beta tiara and beta old blanket are worth ALOT of good items! But, there are items that are almost the same as these items that you can buy in stores. Jammers will often buy these items from the stores and claim they are beta, uh, sorry, but there NOT. Never trade for this item if u think it's beta. IT ISN'T. If you see this happening, REPORT that player! Best way to avoid scam: check the stores and go through the colors that the store provides, double check every time to make sure u didn't miss it. (I couldn't find a beta tiara picture cuz they're so rare, sorry!) These items are sold in Jammart Clothing and The Hot Cocoa Hut!
 The "I got scammed/hacked for all my good items" scam. This scam is used to make Jammers feel bad for a certain Jammer and send them items. They will say something like "I got scammed/hacked for my best items!! Plz send me stuff!" Well, most of the time, they didn't get hacked/scammed! They just say that to get richer. If you see a jammer doing this REPORT them! best way to avoid this scam: Well, just don't send them stuff.
  The "Send me stuff for video!" scam. Alot of ppl do this scam to get more items. They go around Jamaa saying something like, "send me stuff 4 vid! I give shoutouts". The scam with this is, there probably not making a video. They're just saying that to get items; like every other scam in the universe! REPORT any Jammers u see doing this! best way to avoid scam: Don't send them any items!!!
Love food, love AJ, lovepuppiez, and stay safe!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Fellow Jammer!!

    I would like to report a scammer.
    Her username name is locknessmonster101

    I first saw her scam with a trust trade. She got away with a rare spike and archway.
    I then pretended to be interested in, 'helping her' so I could bust her!!
    However I had not gained all of her trust yet, and so I left.

    I have kept a close eye on her, and sadly, her trade list and scamming has flourished.
    She is a non-member and you can clearly see how good she is.
    Her list contains RARE spikes, betas, archways, founders hats, etc.

    Please check her out and bust her!!

    P.S. She did admit she scams, however I couldn't quite capture the comment!

    Thank you!!
    Your Fellow Jammer(: