My Stories

Once upon a time, there was a deer named Spirit. Spirit was a lost and poor deer, for she could find no safe home. Where ever she went, wolves seem to find her and attack her. Though, she was skilled at dodging and she was a very fast runner. She had grown up with no parents but she had a faint memory of a younger brother. Though Spirit was skilled, she searched for years to find a safe home. She moved from forest to forest, mountain to mountain, hill to hill, plain to plain, valley to valley, beach to beach, but predators always found her. Spirit always wondered why the predators where attracted to her. For example, she once had two friends in the mountains, a big strong buck named Killer, and a smart, strong, female deer named Hazel. All the deer of that mountain slept in different caves. When Spirit went to her cave to sleep at night, wolves, packs of them, came to her cave to attack, but in the morning, nobody else had been bothered by wolves. All of the deer at that mountain, except Killer and Hazel, talked behind Spirit's back. Nobody thought she was a normal deer, not even Hazel and Killer, and actually, Spirit was convinced she wasn't normal. Some people mumbled about how she might have problems, but other's mumbled about how she was meant for bigger things. At this point, though, she wasn't sure if she was meant for bigger things, or if she had problems.
    One day, she was living in a foggy forest and she couldn't believe her luck: She hadn't seen any wolves or anything else that would want to ambush her. It was late evening already, and nothing had bothered her. She drank water from a dark stream. She was prepared for it to taste unclean and very bad, but when she took a sip, it was the best water she had ever tasted. She kept drinking. this being the first clean water she had had in months. Then she found some grass, it looked brown, crumpled up, and muddy, but Spirit ate it, and it was just as amazing as the water was. She took a step out of the forest and drank from the same stream, but this time it was the worst water she had ever tasted. She took a step back into the forest, and the water that was in the forest tasted a hundred times better, but looked a hundred times worse, same thing with the grass. When eating this she felt stronger, but not like her hunger was being lifted, well, that too, but she felt like she was someone else.. a stronger bigger dear.. She kept eating and drinking. She never believed silly myths like magic and she never believed in the Alphas that people said guard Jamaa. She never had believed in Zios or Mira, but when she drank this water and ate this grass, she, for a solid minute, believed in them, Every time she believed in them for a few seconds, mist started to form around and a few feet away from her. She wanted to see what the mist was, because whenever it was around her, she felt even stronger. Yet, she just couldn't get herself to believe in that stuff. She got herself to believe in it for two and a half minutes, and when that happened, the mist a few feet away from her turned into a misty figure of a buck. This helped Spirit believe more, and after ten minutes of drinking, eating, and believing, a solid figure of a buck appeared. "Ah, Spirit..", said the figure, "I wish I could have came and met you earlier." "W-w-who are you?" asked Spirit. "Ah, I should have said that at the beginning." answered the spirit, "I am your father, Spirit. Your father." "You're my DAD? Whats your name?" Spirit asked. "Why, Sigurd. Yes, THE Sigurd. Like, the Deer Alpha." Said the spirit. "Whoa whoa whoa!" said Spirit. "You're telling me the Alphas EXIST? Like, Cosmo, Greely, Liza, Peck, and Sir Gilbert? They're actually there?" "Why, of course, and Otto, Juno, Tavie, Harper, and-" Spirit cut of Sigurd "Okay, I get it. There are a lot of Alphas and they're real." Said Spirit, even though she wasn't quite sure about this. Sigurd grinned, "Well, now that you understand, I shall tell you what's up with you and your life."
   As Spirit listened in both fear and astonishment, Sigurd was saying things like "You're not just a deer, Spirit. Your as important as Harper and Otto." When Sigurd seemed like he was done, he said "That's why predators have always been attracted to you, Spirit. I have been putting protection on you for the last 14 years. But on your 15 birthday, which is in 2 days, the protection will break, unless you stay in this mist. This mist isn't just fog, It is powerful. If you go somewhere, and the mist comes with you, you should go to the place you are going. Yet, if it DOESN'T follow you, predators will come and hunt you down. This forest is powerful Spirit, and if wolves where to come they would be stronger, and they would have powers like no other wolf you have ever met." "Okay, so, it's dumb to go out of the mist. I get that, but am I truly the only one of, y'know.. a deer like "Me"?" asked Spirit. "You have met one other Spirit. Think." answered Sigurd, "What is the most powerful deer you have ever met?" Spirit thought, then blurted out "Joseph, the herd leader in the woods. He was HUGE, he could talk to other animals and he could lead a whole herd of 50!"  Sigurd smiled, "Yes, Spirit. He was big. One of my strongest sons." "He was your son? so does that mean he was my brother?" asked Spirit "Yes it does, Spirit. You are his older sister." answered Sigurd "Don't you mean younger sister?" said Spirit, "No, I do not, Spirit."
   "Good bye Spirit. Stay in the mist" Sigurd said and started to fade away into mist "Wait!" shouted Spirit but it was too late, Sigurd had completely vanished.
   Spirit looked down at her hooves. She couldn't quite process what she just saw, but all the things that Sigurd seemed to fit perfectly together. She now knew her dad. She now knew who that little brother she seemed to always carry a faint memory of. It all happened so fast, she could just barely believe that it had actually happened. All that happened was this: Sigurd appeared, told her Joseph was her brother, told her Alphas where real, faded into mist. She decided to accept what had happened, and find a place to call home in the dark rainy woods. She soon found a nice spot to lay down by the stream, she found out that the grass that was orange and crumpled wasn't just tasty, but it was also soft and comfortable. She didn't think she was that tired until she fell down onto the grass and instantly fell asleep.
  She woke up and saw the face of a rabbit above her face, she stood up, alarmed, and stared at the little creature. "Um, hello." Said Spirit "Hi!" said the rabbit. Spirit wasn't scared of him, he was cute and harmless, but she knew not to say that because when you did say that, the rabbits where always like, "HEY! Take that back!!! I'm a fearless, strong, scary, HUGE animal!" and they got all feisty and kept going on like that for hours. The rabbit looked at her with it's big blue eyes, "I'm Henry. What is your name?" he was smiling the whole time. "My name's Spirit.." the rabbit grinned "That's a pretty name!" "Thank you." said Spirit, she was liking this rabbit more and more. "Would you like a carrot?" asked Henry, "Sure! That's my favorite food!" answered Spirit. Henry hopped over to his burrow and got two of the most orange carrots Spirit had ever seen. Henry gave one to Spirit and ate the other one, "Very good carrots grow here, you know." said Henry, "I guess everything tastes good in these woods?" asked Spirit, "Yep" answered Henry, "Just about". They ate their carrots and talked and laughed, Spirit knew they where going to be friends as soon as she saw those great big blue eyes.
   Every morning Spirit would wake up and go on a little hike in the woods with Henry. They enjoyed their walks very much, they saw birds and frogs and even a few deer, Henry had explained that this are the woods where the son's and daughter's of the Alphas eventually came, he told me he was a son of Peck, the bunny Alpha. He said he wasn't sure why Sigurd had told her everything so quickly, he said that could've broke Spirit, a normal deer wouldn't be able to accept all of that.
  After their daily walk, they would always eat a carrot then they would run around the woods then they would go to bed. They loved having each other's company.
  One night, it was a warm summer night, Spirit decided to venture out into the woods alone. She would have liked to go with Henry, but he was fast asleep and she didn't want to wake him up. She went out into the woods, a few miles from where she slept, and realized something terrible: The mist wasn't following her. She tried to sprint back, but it was to late, wolves where advancing on her, BEAR sized wolves. Back at his burrow, Henry heard the growling of the wolves, he sprinted toward the howling. He could sprint very very fast when he wanted to. When he arrived there, Spirit was screaming, and when she spotted Henry, she yelled at him "GET AWAY FROM HERE! YOU'LL GET HURT!" "Are you sure about that?" asked Henry, but it wasn't his cute little squeeky voice, it was very deep, Henry's ears turned into huge horns, his paws turned into hooves, his legs turned slender and long, his back turned light brown and long, the Deer Henry charged with his horns at the wolves and through them back. Deer Henry singled for Spirit to follow him, they sprinted back to the stream.
 "How did you DO that, Henry?!" asked Spirit, "Who's Henry?" asked Deer-Henry Spirit stared at him "You, silly." Deer-Henry grinned "I'm not Henry, Spirit!" "You had better not be a wolf that looks like a deer and a rabbit" said Spirit.Deer Henry rolled his eyes "No I'm not, I'm your brother!" "Joseph?" "Yep!" said Joseph. "Why didn't you tell me?" Said Spirit angrily. "Hmm. Well, I couldn't. I was under a spell, and I had to become a rabbit until and I saved one of my family members from anything, and if I would've told you ahead of time, it would make it so I was a rabbit the rest of my life.." said Joseph, "That would've stunk" said Spirit, and for the rest of their lives, they lived in those enchanted woods.