The Crazy Adventures Of HoHo!

In case you where wondering, HoHo is a red panda, who lives in a gingerbread house with his dad (Who's a panda), and his brother  (who's a koala). HoHo is a 11 year old red panda, Oreo, who is his brother, is 9 years old, and his dad who's name is Nick. It snows where they live year-round.
  One day, it was snowing harder then ever. HoHo decided he would go sledding, it was pretty early in the morning, though. HoHo went upstairs to their Chocolate Hot Tub. It warmed him up! He took a sip of the hot tub, but it burned his tongue! He quickly went outside and got a big clump of snow in his mouth, but that was too cold! He then went inside and put some more chocolate from the hot tub in his mouth, but, yep, that was too hot! He was about to go outside and get more snow,  but he told himself to chillax, and just wait for it to stop burning. Sure enough, after about 3 minutes, the burning stopped, and so did HoHo when he spotted a little reindeer wandering in the snow. HoHo went down to see him, and the reindeer quickly backed away when HoHo approached him. HoHo approached him again, this time he didn't back away, but he looked around, shaking. HoHo came closer to him and asked him what was wrong and why was he here. The little under-sized reindeer paused for a second, then said with a shaky voice, "I-I'm lost... A-a-and I do not know what you a-a-are.."  "First thing's first" HoHo answered, "I'm a red panda, and my name is HoHo. Who are you?" "An un-successful reindeer.." He looked down, and paused, until HoHo said "whattya mean un-successful?" "Well," said the reindeer, "I was always smaller then my friends, I was always the last one to learn something if I ever learned it, I'm not very bright, I can barely lift a s'more, and I can't fly like all reindeer can!" "Calm down!" HoHo said, "don't get angry. That never solves problems.  Just 'cause you can't fly doesn't mean your a fail reindeer." HoHo said calmly. "YES IT DOES! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" said the reindeer shouting. "Please, please calm down. I want to help you." HoHo said "I really, really, really, do! Please let me." "Fine" says the reindeer rolling his eyes at HoHo, " 'Help' me all you want, you won't be able to teach me how to fly" "Maybe not" HoHo says, "But at least I'll give you someone to hang out with" "Whom?", he asked. HoHo looked at him "Well, me of course"
   This little reindeer's name was Holiday and he was 11, like HoHo! They became pretty good friends quickly, every day they went to HoHo's house and played in the Chocolate Hot Tub, it was alot of fun! They even went mountain climbing on Mt.Snowpeak once.  HoHo introduced his new friend to Oreo, who had always wanted to meat a reindeer, Holiday was pleased to meat him, and Oreo was pleased to meat Holiday. HoHo introduced Holiday to his father, too. His dad smiled and greeted him. Holiday smiled at him, too. And before long, Holiday and HoHo became great friends!


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